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Flair barþjónanámskeið – skráning hafin

brunoNú eru að hefjast ný og spennandi námskeið í flair þar sem hann Bruno mun leiða fólk í gegnum listina sem er á bakvið “flair”.

Fyrsta námskeiðið verður föstudaginn 29. apríl á Hilton Nordica.
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Hér að neðan er nánar lýsing á námskeiðinu á ensku:

Working Flair – For beginners, this course is made for those who want to use some flair while working behind the bar and create a nice environment, impressing your costumer and entertaining them . This course is focus on the working.
You will have 25 hour course , split in two times per week for one month.

You will be able to learn :
Introduction to Flair Bartending
The American Bar System ( Free Pouring )
Practice the Ounces ( OZ )
Speed Round Test
One or more Working Flair Routine
This course will have the cost of : 10.000 Isk.

Exhibition Flair – For beginners and Pros , this course is made for those who want to learn the Flair himself , for National and International Competitions , it will be defined by level one and two.
Cost : 20.000 Isk

This Course will give you the opportunity to learn Flair Bartending and represent next year Iceland in Japan 2016 (IBA) ,this will be decided by competing in the first National Flair Bartending Contest to be announce . Everybody is welcome , anybody can compete in this competition , you just need to like it. You don’t have to take this course to participate, but you have to be a Member of BCI , to be able to represent Iceland or we will also have one competition for Amateurs… No worries.

Be a Member !! Participate in the Club by contributing with your skills !!
* Each course is limit to 10 Bartenders only ;
* Bartending Workshops Available ;
* Gin and Tonic Master Class ;

Send us a E-Mail for more Info : bar@bar.is or bartenderbruno@hotmail.com

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