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Brennivín kokteilakeppni

It’s finally that time again! It’s been a few years since we’ve held a brennivin competition, and this time it’s back and bigger than ever! On behalf of the BCI, we’d like to welcome you all to take part in the Battle of the brennivins: 3 distilleries, 5 brennivin varieties, 18 competitors, 1 big winner, and lots of fun for all.

Interested participants should register by 9 April by sending name and workplace to bar@bar.is. The next day, 10 April, there will be a tasting held in the basement at Hard Rock Cafe (15:00-17:00) where each distiller will have their products on display for tastings and other information.

In order to ensure equal representation, each competitor will be randomly assigned one distillery with which to create their competition cocktail; however, it is allowed to switch selections amongst bartenders. Participating distilleries are Hálogi, Eimverk, and Reykjavik Distillery. Specific product offerings will be announced later, as will competition rules.

The theme will be SPEAKEASY! Think creative ways of presentation to appear as though you aren’t serving alcohol, and about creative an experience that will take the judges and observers back to the times of prohibition. No specific rules on this, but a portion of the points will be allocated to interpretation and presentation of theme.

After the tasting, each bartender will have 10 days (until 20 April) to submit a recipe. The top 6 recipes from each distillery will be chosen on the 21st to compete at Lækjarbrekka on 24 April.

Are you ready?? This will be this first competition of its type that Iceland has seen, and it’s going to be a blast–and as always, the more the merrier! We’ll keep you posted on new developments, rules, judging

criteria, etc as the time approaches. Until then, cheers!


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